Getting ready for Disneyland

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March 9, 2015
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March 11, 2015
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Getting ready for Disneyland

Next week is our big family vacation! One of the places we’ll be going to is Disneyland.  So my hubby and I thought we’d do some fun things this week to get the kids even more excited.  Today we had our traditional breakfast for lunch and made the pancakes into Mickey heads.
When I first suggested the idea to my hubby he asked me if I had a mold or anything to make them with….. my response was “ummmm it’s 3 circles, I think we can handle it”

Mickey heads are super easy and you don’t need anything special- just plop the batter into 3 spots where they will blend together to make the head. Simple as that!

You could also add chocolate chips to the batter and have them as after school snacks.

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