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If you haven’t heard about this yahoo group you need to check them out!  Basically you join the group in your area, and you will get emails when people are looking for, or want to give something away.  And if you have something to get rid of you post it, and people will come to your house to pick it up! And if you’re in need of something you post that you’re looking for it and anyone that has it will email you and give you their address to go get it.  It’s all FREE!

It’s a great group to help recycle items that would otherwise be in the trash.  You would be surprised what people will take too! Our big screen TV broke and although I didn’t think anyone would want it I posted it anyway- within 2 hours it was picked up and we didn’t have to haul it to the dump!  Plus it’s such a good feeling being able to give something to someone who is truly appreciative and in need.  I figure if I donate it to a thrift store or something- there may still be people that can’t afford to buy it even at a cheap price, but if they want it bad enough to come pick it up then it’s great!

The only down sides I’ve had so far are when I post something and someone says they want it, I give them my address but then they don’t come pick it up.  Usually I give them 24 hours, then I’ll send them an email and tell them if it’s not picked up by a certain time I’ll give it to someone else.

It is entertaining though to see some of the things people post- sometimes it gives me a good laugh! I’ve seen posts for cars, motor homes, and all sorts of expensive items that are highly unlikely someone would give away free.  And I’ve seen offers where they describe what is in my opinion junk (an old stained, ripped up or broken couch for example) but say to tell them why you need it and they will bless the most worthy person with their priceless treasure (aka junk)  those are pretty funny!

All in all, I love it and use it all the time! It doesn’t matter if you are getting rid of 1 small item, a bag of clothes, or yard sale leftovers!  Check it out in your area!


  1. Allison Stuart says:

    Yeah freecycle is awesome! When I was in Cedar I got free couches, free washer, 2 free dryers (after the 1st one broke), free christmas tree, and a few other things. I joined the freecycle group they have here in my part of NY and just got 2 end tables AND a free TV! yay FREE!

  2. JoDee Martin says:

    I remember! pj worker! lol
    Glad you're still getting things in NY! it's so cool to see a group like this all over the US

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