Donkey X Movie Review

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Donkey X Movie Review

We had the opportunity to review this movie this week. Oh boy, I was a little nervous when I learned it was based on the story of Don Quixote.  The only experience I have with the story of Don Quixote is from a Spanish class in middle school where the story had me so confused I felt like I was watching a movie made for crazy people.

Sad to say Donkey X had a similar effect for me.  So if you enjoy the story of Don Quixote you will probably love this show! 

The animated movie shows a continuation of the story through the eyes of the donkey of Sancho as the two men and their horses (well horse and donkey) set out on an adventure to find Dulcinea- the fictional love of Don Quixote- or is she?

As for how my kids liked it, the only one of my kids that lasted through the whole movie was my 9 year old.  He is a technical, Lego, computer game, focused boy so he seemed to enjoy it.  When I asked him questions after the movie to see how much of it he got, he gave a pretty good account of the movie.

So I think in conclusion, I wouldn’t recommend this movie for younger children, but if you have an older child with a longer attention span they will probably enjoy it.

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