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February 18, 2016
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Discount Holiday Candy

After every holiday there is a big clearance of candy from that holiday.  You can get some of your favorite chocolates and candies at 50-75% off, that is if you don’t mind them being wrapped in the colors of the holiday that just ended.  But what if you do mind?  Well Here’s a discovery for you that will have you stocking up after Christmas this year!
Before I get into how to use the candy for multiple holidays, let me share one of my most popular posts on how to can candy.  It’s really easy and using a few tools you can seal your favorite candies in mason jars and have them keep for years and years!  Here’s the link to that post.

Ok so this Christmas you are going to want to stock up BIG time!  Why?  I’ll let you in on a awesome secret……

What are the next 2 holiday’s after Christmas (not counting New Years Eve because I think it’s totally acceptable to serve Christmas colored candy for that event)

Valentines and St. Patrick’s Day right?

So what are the colors used to celebrate those holidays? Red and Green!
(do you see where I’m going here?)

So when you stock up on the Christmas clearance candy all you have to do is pull out the Green wrapped ones and you now have colored candy for 2 upcoming holiday’s!

And sometimes there will be gold or silver wrapped candy as well……. bonus- those will go with Valentine’s or St. Patrick’s Day!

So now you have candy for eating or decorating for 2 holiday’s that were purchased at 50-75% off! (or more if you’re lucky)

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