Crazy Hair Day

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October 25, 2012
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October 29, 2012
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Crazy Hair Day

My kids had “crazy hair day” at school this week.  We wanted to do something fun- more than just the typical colored hair standing up.  Since Kenzie’s hair is cut short our options were somewhat limited.  That’s when we came up with this Medusa look!I braided a few small braids around her head (where here hair was long enough at least) and then using some pipe cleaners we thread them in her head above the braids and spiraled them to look like snakes.
Simple, easy, and she loved it!

The boys were a bit harder.  Lets face it- how else can you do boys hair crazy other than standing up and spraying it a color???
So for Jordan we did a couple of sideways mohawks, and for Brady a regular mohawk (which would have looked better had he of stopped touching it!)

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