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May 26, 2012
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Cashflow Board Game

We recently pulled out this cashflow board game that my husband had bought years ago.  Talk about a great game to teach kids about money!  This game was created by Robert Kiyosaki author of the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad.  It teaches the importance of
risidule income.  You purchase and sell investments such as stocks, houses, apartment complexes, gold and more.  If you are looking at increasing your family’s income and learning to manage your money this game would be a great one to get.  Each time we play it my husband and I feel more confident in our financial abilities and future.

When my husband first purchased this game years ago it cost him about $200.  However, tonight I found one on ebay for $5.  Granted, that is a STEAL and the average cost of this game on ebay was closer to $70.

So basically in this game your goal is to get out of the “rat race” and purchase your dream.  So everyone goes in circles buying and selling investments until their passive income is greater than your total expenses.  Once this happens you leave the “rat race” and start on the road to buying your dream.  Along the way you can make some major purchases and earn some serious money!  At this point you’re playing with the big boys now.  The winner is the first one to either a: land on and purchase their dream, or b: increase their fast track income by $50,000.

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