Awesome Week 18

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April 30, 2015
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Awesome Week 18

It’s week 18, and today just happens to be May 4th aka Star Wars day “May the Fourth be with you” what a fun way to celebrate Star Wars!! I love it!  This week kicks off some hopefully productive activities.  Since last week I had all sorts of computer issues with not only my main computer but my backup also I’m ready to have a easy week with working technology!
Here’s this week’s mini list to print off and use as a reference:

Now let’s look at this week in detail:

Week 18:
  • By far my least favorite room to clean, but if you time yourself it really doesn’t take that long
  • Get rid of old make-up, lotions, shower gel etc. 
Bathroom Project
  • Since you’ll be giving the bathroom a good deep cleaning it’s a perfect time to do one of the bathroom projects on your list

Set aside $5-20

  • Each week set aside $5-20 depending on your financial situation.  Put the money in a safe place where you wont be tempted to dip into it.
  • You should have a pretty good stash building up! Don’t let yourself dip into it! Think of the end result you want.

Steak Blankets

Read 4 Chapters

  • Have you finished some books on your reading list?
  • Read some more from one this week.
Learn something new about someone
  • Spend time getting to know someone a little better by learning something new about them this week.

Buy 10lbs Powdered Milk
  • your food storage will be adding up!
  • Powdered milk is great to have in food storage and can be used for a lot of different things.

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