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October 21, 2013
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ABC Kids Expo 2013

This year I was able to go to the All Baby & Child (ABC) Kids Expo in Las Vegas!  Let me tell you it was a blast!  I do wish I had planned to be there for all 4 days instead of just 2, but something I will change for next year.  There were all sorts of new inventions, new products coming out soon, and it was fun to get to know some new companies in the mom, baby and child departments.  Here’s a few pictures of the expo and some of my favorite products. (watch for specific posts and ads coming soon)

With the thousands of booths there were so many products it was almost overwhelming!  A lot of products were similar, my favorites were some of the original ideas-

 This company had the most adorable nursery decor!! It was like what you’d see in a fairy tale movie like Once Upon a Time.  This picture doesn’t even capture the bling and pearls used as accents.

 A new line of Hello Kitty baby items!

 This company made the cutest princess and bling furniture- the knobs were all bling, perfect for your princess’s bedroom.  Shoot, I’d love these for my bedroom!

 This was the new products room- lots of neat ideas

 I wasn’t able to go to this booth which made me sad because the idea was so neat!  I have their contact info so hopefully I’ll be sharing a product review soon.

 This desk was cool- it adjusts so that your child can use it from when they are small to when they get in college.  The filing cabinet bench on wheels is pretty cool too.

 Now this was an awesome idea- it’s a picture frame that opens up to hold everything you need for baby.  Wipes dispense from the bottom and diapers from the side!!  How cool is that?!?!

 Here’s a picture of it closed.

 This dress was one of my favorites.  It’s a one size dress that adjusts to multiple styles- see the picture of the tag below that shows all the possibilities.

 Isn’t that neat?!?!

 Here’s another desk that can stack inside itself to conserve space

One word for this- DIVA!  But I love it!

Watch for more- I have lots of pictures to share.  And more product reviews, sponsors and ads coming up!

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