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August 19, 2020
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2020 Holiday Gift Guide Product Search

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Every year we host a Holiday Gift Guide.

What is a gift guide?

It's basically a compilation of awesome products that we have tested and reviewed and share with our readers the pros and cons. It's a great way to learn about new products or ones that maybe aren't as well known. Each product will be linked to the company's website, or a website where it can be purchased.

With all the restrictions and distancing that have come with 2020, people have been shopping online more than ever.

We are excited to review & promote some amazing products in this year's Holiday Gift Guide!
We have been stuck home and unable to get out and shop as much as normal years, that's how we find those fun unique gifts. Businesses also haven't had the opportunity to spotlight their products at events, trade shows, and in stores for as many people to see as normal so we're hoping to be able to connect with them and help fill that advertising gap.


-All products sent to us must reach a minimum $20 value each. If your product is valued at less than $20 you may send duplicates to reach the minimum value.
-You may send multiple products to be included with the gift guide, as long as each product follows the minimum value rule.
-Every product will be listed in our 2020 Holiday Gift Guide that will go live the week of Thanksgiving. (right before black Friday/cyber Monday shopping)
-All products will be linked to the website where they can be purchased

Product Categories

We will separate the products on the gift guide into categories such as:
-Gifts for mom/dad
-Gifts for baby
-Gifts for kids
-Gifts for teens
-Something to read
-Gifts for the family
-Technology gifts

Top Product Bonuses:

-Our top favorite products will also be featured in the gift guide with pictures as well as get a YouTube video review on our Channel

Giveaway Option

Because giveaways help drive traffic that benefits all products on the gift guide, we will be putting together a giveaway that readers can enter by following or commenting on social media pages, sharing the gift guide, etc.
Any business has the option to be a part of the giveaway in addition to the holiday gift guide.

Those who choose to be a part of the giveaway will send the first product (for the gift guide) to me, and then once a winner is chosen for the giveaway the business will send the winner the product directly.
(2 products total- one for the gift guide & one for the winner) You may offer more than one prize for the giveaway.

Those participating in the giveaway will be featured with:

Pictures & links in the gift guide as well as a YouTube video review.

Let's share some products!!

To be a part of this year's Holiday Gift Guide:
Send an email with "2020 Gift Guide" as the subject line to: atozformomslikeme@gmail.com

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