What can I do with one stamp set?

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August 21, 2010
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August 21, 2010
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What can I do with one stamp set?

Another challenge I gave myself was to see how many cards I could make with just one stamp set , a few pieces of card stock and a little ribbon.

For card stock I used: 2 pages of purple, 1 page of pink, 1 page of green, 1 page of white and 1 small scrap of green.
For stamp pads I used: pink, purple, and green
About 6″ of pink ribbon and 6″ of purple ribbon
And one complete stamp set.

I stamped the white paper with my stamp pad, in random places, then cut it up to be the accent on the colored paper.  Each of the colored papers I cut in half then folded in half to make the frame of the card.
It ended up making 8 cards!

So even with one stamp set you can still make some cute projects!

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