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May 2, 2012
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May 3, 2012
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VA Loans

Recently my husband and I have been thinking about purchasing a house.  Even though we only moved into the one where we’re at less than a year ago, our lease
will be up in August and its better to start planning now then when it’s close to being up.

“But you’ll have to pack and move again so soon” you say?  That part really doesn’t bother me.  Because when we did move last year I was pregnant and sick, a lot of things were just thrown into boxes with the intention to go through them or get rid of stuff later when I wasn’t sick.  Little did I know the sickness would last the whole pregnancy!  So needless to say I am just now starting to go through stuff and whittle out things here and there and FINALLY organize the house the way I want.  So honestly, the thought of moving to a house that I can pack and unpack the way I want to is exciting! Not to mention the thought of owning our own house!!

With house prices being so incredibly cheap right now, it’s for sure the time to buy!  So where do we start?  Our first intention is to look into home loans, find out what we qualify for, while at the same time house hunting for the perfect house.  My husband is currently in the National Guard, as well as a Marine Veteran so we can get a VA loan if we want (and why not- I mean they have the best interest rates you can get!)   And we all know that a lower interest rate means lower payments which means more money in our pockets each month which means I get to go shopping more! (ok maybe not the last one) So we may as well save with a VA loan!

If you too are interested in buying a house and want to consider getting a VA loan check out this site:

Meanwhile we’ll keep you posted with our progress!!

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  1. James Black says:

    VA loans are amazing loans for those who have served our country. Thanks for sharing this article.

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