Tulle Wreath

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November 19, 2012
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November 21, 2012
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Tulle Wreath

I’ve wanted to make one of these Tulle Wreaths for my front door for a long time.  Now that my Pinterest event is over I’m ready to get back into project making!  So here it is, and here’s a step by step of how easy it is.  Anyone can do this!
What you’ll need:
Tulle- any colors you want
Ribbon for the bow
A foam wreath or I used a cross stitch hoop- anything circle shaped should work
A wood letter (or ornament or anything else you want to hang from the middle) optional.

Measure one strip of tulle to see how long want it to stick out.  Then cut a bunch of strips all about the same size (you can trim it later)
Fold one of the strips of tulle in half, place the looped end behind your wreath or circle and then thread the 2 ends over the wreath/circle and through the loop.  Pull tight and slide in place.

I alternated red and white, but it doesn’t matter what colors you use.  As you put more on it will start to take shape!

Keep putting them on until the entire wreath/circle is covered.  I pushed mine together as I went so they’d be tight.

Once you’ve got all the tulle on you can take a pair of scissors and trim the long pieces.  At this point you could add a bow and be done. (I’ll post a bow tutorial soon)  I had a wooden “M” with no purpose so I wanted to add it.  This is what I did to it:

First I painted it red. (I wanted it to be light enough the red polka dots would show up)  While the paint was still wet I sprinkled on some glitter.

Then I cut out some of the circles from my ribbon I used to make the bow and glued them onto the “M”.  Once this was dry I used hot glue to attach the letter to the back of my wreath. 

And now I have a personalized wreath for our front door!

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