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June 6, 2012
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Toy Story Pizza Planet Birthday Party

My 4 (turning 5) year old is a Toy Story Fanatic! For the last 3 years he has wanted a Toy Story birthday party.  So this year I convinced him to do a pizza planet party (partly because it was something Toy Story but different, and partly because ordering pizza is easy for me!)

I painted this alien on a poster (it was actually REALLY easy to paint- not like I have amazing art skills or anything).  We used this for “pin the eye on the alien” game.  I cut out a bunch of circles about the same size as the painted on eyes, put a black dot on them and then blindfolded the kids and had them stick their eye on the alien.  They loved it!  Here’s the results:

I also got a foam board (it cost about $2) and painted on a Pizza Planet Rocket.

Then using a knife I cut some random holes in the board.

And now we have a bean bag toss!  I sewed some small simple bean bags (but filled them with rice so I guess they were more rice bags)

For the birthday cake I made little alien cupcakes- I took a white cake mix and added 1 box of sugar free lime jello.

Then I made a basic frosting and added coconut extract- 1 cube butter, 1/2 package of powdered sugar, 1 t. vanilla, 2 t. coconut, milk to desired consistency and colored it green.  After frosting the cupcakes I cut marshmallows in half for the eyes then used black decorating gel for the eye balls and mouth.

For the goodie bags for the kids that came I took a small green Tupperware container and filled it with Toy Story candy bought at Walmart.  Then I attached eyes and a mouth, put it in a clear cello bag with a laser style squirt gun and tied it up with some star garland.

We also had our bounce house set up for the kids to play on between games.  I bought this bounce house years ago when it was at the end of the season and on clearance- I think it only cost me around $100 and it’s been a great investment!!  It’s big enough for 3-4 kids, yet small enough that we could set it up in the house if we want.  (we did that at our old house when we had a party on a day the weather decided to go bad)

Then we ordered Pizza and had some Capri Sun’s out for lunch.  (the capri sun’s were some I had got a couple months ago with an amazing sale plus coupons!  They only cost me about $1.10/box!)

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  1. Unknown says:

    Such a cute party! I love the bouncy house too!

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