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March 25, 2011
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Tie Dye Birthday Party

Today was my son’s 6th birthday party- he requested a tie dye party so this is what we did…..

for the cake I made 1 white cake mix up, separated it into 4 bowls and put food coloring in each bowl then mixed well.

Next I poured a little bit of each color around my cake pan- I did this by first pouring only half of each color in the pan, then adding the last half to the empty spots.

next I took a knife and made a pattern around the pan by just drawing in the colors with the knife.

Bake for normal time for a cake.
after letting it cool, we frosted it and decorated it- here was the end result

And it was a surprise to the kids when we cut into the cake and it was lots of different colors!

Next for the ice cream…
I got some vanilla ice cream and let it sit out until it was pretty soft.  Then I sprinkled dry strawberry jell-o in a bowl, scooped ice cream on top of it, then sprinkled a blue powdered jell-o, scooped ice cream on top, then sprinkled lemon powdered jell-o, and another layer etc.  Once the bowl was full I placed a lid on it and put it in the freezer to harden.

Once it was time to serve the ice cream it has a cool colored marble affect to it.

The flavor was pretty good too!

For activities we did:
watercolor paper art while waiting for other kids to arrive- I got some special watercolor paper and let the kids color on it with washable markers, then we dropped a little water on it and let it dry outside.  The kids liked how the colors spread with the water.

Tie dye shirts- once everyone arrived we talked about the different styles of tie dye shirts and how to make them, then each kid chose which style they wanted to do and with some help banded up their shirt ready to dye.  We dyed them outside on the grass then I wrapped their shirt up in saran wrap and put it into a cello bag with a sticker giving the instructions to let it sit in the bag for 6-8 hours then remove rubber bands, rinse well, then wash alone with a little vinegar.

Plastic Balloons – I’m not sure what you call these, but they are little tubes that look like toothpaste and have a rubbery/plastic in them.  You put the goo on the end of a straw then blow on it and make a balloon.  I had the kids play with these while I bagged up their t-shirts.

Goodie Bags
for goodie bags I got some stuff at oriental trading- a tie dye drawstring bag, slap bracelet, hacky sack, sucker, wallet, and small thing of bubbles.  The wallets and bags were matching so that was pretty cool to bag them up together.

All in all it was a fun little party!
We used the tie dye sheet we made last week for a table cloth, and taped up balloons all over the living room.
I even had the cotton candy machine on stand by in case we needed another activity but we were actually running short on time! 🙂


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