This will make your house smell like Fall

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This will make your house smell like Fall

Don’t you just LOVE the smells in Fall?!? This is a simple and easy way to make your house smell like all those amazing Fall smells.  And it’s quick, easy and low maintenance too!

What you’ll need:

An apple
An orange
A cinnamon stick
A candle warmer (you can also make this in a pot on your stove, but it requires a little more babysitting and a super low heat setting- but it’s a quicker way to spread the scent in your house in a short time)
(optional items: whole cloves, dried cranberries)
Slice the apple and orange into fairly thin slices, put into a pint mason jar, add the cinnamon stick (I break mine in half and add both sections) then fill the jar with water.
Place the jar in your candle warmer, turn it on and ta da!
You can keep it on all day.  You may need to refill the water occasionally, but it will give your home a nice Fall smell.

You can also give this scent pack as a gift for Christmas! Write up the instructions and put an apple, orange (or cutie) and a cinnamon stick in a cello bag and tie it up- it’s a great and unique gift idea!

If you want to go the extra mile- you could dry the apple slices and orange slices, then give them or keep them on hand.  It’d be like a Christmas all natural potpourri.

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