The Last Refuge Book Review

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August 9, 2012
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The Last Refuge Book Review

We were given the oppertunity to review this new book “The Last Refuge” by Ben Coes.  Since this was obviously a book along the lines of what my husband reads I let him read and review this one.  He kept me updated with the story and really seemed to enjoy it!  The story he relayed to me sounded quite interesting and one that sounds like it would make a GREAT movie!

Here’s his review:

The Last Refuge, by Ben Coes was an easy-to-read, riveting read where Iran kidnaps Israeli commando, Kohl Meir ostensibly to avenge past wrongs committed by Israel. At the same time Iran has completed construction of an atomic bomb and intends to detonate it inside of Israel. Dewey Andreas, a former U.S. Special Forces member, finds himself trying to recover Meir and at the same time find a way to neutralize Iran’s bomb without alerting authorities in the United States or Israel.

The Last Refuge is highly recommended for anybody who likes action and international intrigue. That is if you can deal with the unsettling feeling that the plot in this book could be all too real in the near future.

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