The crappy truth of life with a newborn

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October 27, 2014
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October 31, 2014
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The crappy truth of life with a newborn

For 40 weeks give or take you are anticipating the birth of your baby.  Picking out names, decorating the nursery, shopping, and planning for the future.  But the crappy truth of life with a newborn never crosses your mind, at least not until a few days after the baby is born.
As you adjust to life with a newborn you probably expected middle of the night feedings, and the attention demands.  After 5 kids I pretty much knew what to expect with number 6, but there’s always those little surprises.

Our little Bella who was born in September was a clear reminder that every child is different.  Unlike my other 5 who started sleeping a good 6+ hours each night by the time they were 2 weeks old, Bella had her days & nights mixed up for a few weeks and from 3-5am she’d be wide awake and want to be entertained or at least held, and of course held in a way that makes it virtually impossible for me to sleep.

But the real crappy truth (totally pun intended) is how many diapers she goes through!  Addie and now Bella have both been nicknamed “poop a loompa” while newborns.  The Dr’s and books say how it is normal for a breastfed baby to poop only once every few days…….ummm not my girls!  We’re talking 5+ poop diapers per day!  I guess the silver lining is their digestive organs work really well!

But all joking aside, we’re loving our little Bella.  She’s just started smiling when you talk to her and it’s fun to see her learn and grow.  And I’m adjusting to the amount of time it takes to get anything done between a newborn and a 2 year old.  Luckily I have reprioritized a lot of things in life and am now only doing this blog, writing as I have time, and being a mom.  It’s refreshing to have a few less stresses and things taking up my time for now.

Thank you for your patience while I’ve adjusted to the new baby!  Stay tuned, because now that I’m getting the swing of things we’re starting to get more done again and will be posting more projects soon!
Here’s more pictures of our angel-

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