Splash Math App Review

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December 12, 2014
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December 16, 2014
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Splash Math App Review

Here’s another couple of great apps for your kids! Splash Math!  A great way for your kids to sharpen their math skills in a fun interactive way. This review is for 2 different apps, one for preschool and kindergarten ages and one for grades 1-5.
For the preschool and Kindergarten app  shown above-
This game is perfect for those kids just learning how to count and recognize numbers and very beginners at adding.  I played it with my 2 year old and about 2/3 of the app was over her head.  But I did like how when she would tap on the icons it would count them and show the number helping her learn what the number looked and sounded like.

Splash Math for grades 1-5
Here’s a great app to sharpen your child’s math skills.  And maybe even your own! haha As I found some of the terms unfamiliar to me but my 11 year old son knew them.  Both my 4th and 6th graders had fun playing this game with me.  Sadly the free version only lets you do 20 questions per day, but hey, it’s math, I’m sure my kids will be okay with only 20 questions per day.

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