Shepherd’s Pie Recipe

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February 3, 2015
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Shepherd’s Pie Recipe

Here is the recipe for this week’s Awesome Week 5 new recipe to try.  I thought I had shared it on the blog already but apparently not!  And I’m surprised because this is one that we have often and is a family favorite.  I got this recipe about 10 years ago when I hosted a Pie Party a couple weeks before Thanksgiving.  Everyone came and brought a couple pie’s with the recipe to share.  With all the dessert pies one lady brought this Shepherd’s pie and it’s amazing! And so easy!
One of the major things that keeps me from making pies is the crust- because lets face it, making crusts makes a mess and is usually more work than I’m willing to invest.  This recipe doesn’t have a crust though so that jumps it to 5 stars in my book!

In your frying pan brown 1# of ground beef
Then add
1-2 cans of tomato soup (depending on how saucy you like it)
1-2 can of green beans (again personal preference)

If you like you can also add things like a bag of frozen peas & carrots.

Mix together then pour into the bottom of your baking dish.

Spoon mashed potatoes (instant or homemade) on top and then sprinkle cheese over the potatoes.

Bake at 350 until cheese is melted.
 (we were out of cheese when I made this so this example is cheese-less)

This also makes a great freezer meal!

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