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Send Out Cards

This is by far one of the coolest newcomanies I’ve seen in awhile! A friend of mine, Susie signed up for them and she’s since sent me some of the cutest personalized cards ever.  I even came home from our family vacation to some delicious brownies she had sent through this company! (if you only knew how much I love brownies- you’d understand how happy I was) Send Out Cards is a online company that prints and sends custom cards, postcards, and even gifts to people in the mail for you! And if you live close to Southern Utah there’s a special event coming up soon.
Here’s some more info:

The website is-
Or you can see more information at-

Here’s the inside of the card that came with my brownies, and a picture of one of the amazingly delicious brownies!

This is so perfect for so many things:

  • Obviously personal use, because who doesn’t love getting REAL mail? And talk about making your Christmas card sending easy!
  • For your business, it’s a great way to send out mailers, reminders, birthday cards, or other things to your clients. Great for building customer relationships and retention.
  • Weddings, how easy would it be to upload the addresses once then be able to send all invites, thank yous or anything else wedding related?! (and bonus, those addresses will still be in there when it’s time to send a baby shower invite or announcement)
  • It’s getting close to Graduation time, another time cards are sent out.

So lets see, you can upload the contacts for your graduating child now, then have them when they get married, then still have them when they have a baby! (not to mention every Christmas in between)

You can even upload pictures onto a customized card! Susie sent me the cutest card after my last baby was born and had uploaded a few of the pictures of her we had posted on facebook. It was such a cute card and so fun to see it personalized with our own pictures.

And BROWNIES!! Did I say how cool it is to get brownies in the mail?!?!

Steve Schulz and Jordan Adler are coming to Cedar City on June 2nd for a road tour to help people increase their business.  It’ll be a great networking opportunity for any business or anyone interested in making more money.
Information on the road tour event can be found at:

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