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Review of specific home based businesses

Here it is.  The good, bad and the ugly about some specific home based businesses.  This post is purely my opinions so take them as that.  I understand that some people are very successful in some of these businesses and I am more than happy for them.

Quixtar- DANGER Will Robinson!!!  So after signing up when the company launched online in 1998, then again when my now ex thought it would be the solutions to all our financial problems I learned a lot about this company.  Bottom line, you wont make money unless you spend a LOT of money ordering products or are able to sell your own motivational talks & products.  This is one of the companies where the top guys make all the money off the suckers who sign up with hope, spend their money then drop out.  Beware, if you sign up you will be expected to harass all family members, friends, and people you haven’t spoken to in years to get them to sign up or buy as a customer from you.  My advise……  RUN.

Mary Kay- Great products, great warranty, and decent earnings (50% commission).  I’ve had family sell this before and it is a great company with great customer service.  You do need to carry some inventory, and that inventory could expire before you sell it.  So there is a start up cost as well as initial investment in building up your inventory.  If you enjoy make up, taking time for yourself, girl time, and you are the type of person that doesn’t leave your house without your hair and make-up done this may be the business for you.

Tupperware- By far the best company I have ever signed up with! Commissions are instant (25%) and the company is always offering incentives to their consultants.  From sales awards to recruiting awards, they go all out!  From March- December my first year I earned over $6,000 in FREE Tupperware!!  Their warranty is great and their customer service is fabulous.   You don’t have to have an inventory, but there are opportunities to get free or super cheap Tupperware all the time giving you the chance to sell it and make even more money.

Pampered Chef- Another cooking business. Pampered Chef is more about the tools for cooking/baking.  They have some really cool products that make life in the kitchen much easier!  Some of their products though seem like just another gadget to take up space.  Their warranty program requires a receipt though which is a pain and one of the biggest things I don’t like about the company.  Other than that, the commission is 20% and they do have some good quality products that I love and use a lot!
Thirty-One- If you have wealthy friends or live in a wealthy neighborhood consider this.  Otherwise, most people do not have $40+ to drop down for a bag.  They do customize their bags for a flat $7 which is pretty cool.  So for people who go a lot of places, enjoy a cute bag, or just like to shop these products are good.  The commissions are paid after an order is submitted, so you do have to wait to get the money from your sales.  My advise, if you want 1-2 of these bags wait for a sale.  If you want more than 2 of these bags, sign up and buy them at a discount.

Scentsy or Gold Canyon Candles-  Although I have not sold these products I have had no interest to.  After attending one party and leaving with an extreme headache from all the smells I vowed to never go to one again.  Their products do seem to be high quality- which is probably why I can only tolerate them in small doses.  I’m not sure what the commission is but having an inventory would be useful and I don’t imagine items would expire, but just retire and change from catalog to catalog.

Avon- A company that has been around for as long as anyone can remember.  The good thing about avon is they sell a large variety of products!  From clothes, jewelry, make-up, to home decorations bags, shoes and more.  This is a company that has something to offer for everyone.  Of course that is if you can get over the stigma of “old lady that sells Avon” that is the first vision that pops into everyone’s heads at first. (Much like when selling Tupperware)

Stampin’ Up!- a stamping and scrap booking company.  This company’s products is great for those interested in advanced techniques and skills.  Their new “big shot” machine allows the user to cut out diecuts and add 3 dimensional patterns to paper.  This company has been around for years and is always growing and coming up with new great things.  Your commission is instant which means you can use your commission to buy more products for yourself (and support your habit like I do!).  There are some of the most creative people I know involved with this company.  I’ve seen some of the coolest projects ever from Stampin’ Up! people.  Plus their catalog is something that even when it ends you still want to keep it for all the ideas  inside.  They now have a customized kit where you can sign up and choose your own products for your kit- you pick $125 in products for the sign up fee of $99.  If only more companies would start implementing this idea! Of course Stampin’ Up! has always been ahead of the game. Commission is 20%

Close to my heart- another stamping and scrap booking company.  Some of the cool features of this company is the cricut cartridges that go with their stamps and products.  I also like the clear stamps that are both easier to see while stamping and take up less room to store.  CTMH is good for beginners.  I have noticed that a lot of their products are about 5 years behind Stampin’ Up!’s products.  Selling this would be good to support your habit.  One of the best ways to make money with any scrap booking company is by hosting monthly workshops or stamp camps where customers pay a entrance fee to cover the cost of products. Commission is 20%

there are lots of jewelry businesses…. paparazzi, cookie lee, lia sophia, etc.  these are great if you love jewelry and can model your products for sale.  Paparazzi is great because everything is $5, it’s easy for customers to spend $5 on some pretty jewelry.  Cookie Lee is pretty cute and has a good variety of items and prices with nothing too overpriced.  Lia Sophia however is EXPENSIVE!!  And honestly I am not impressed with the quality of their jewelry or warranty program.  When you spend around $100 on something then it breaks or the beads peel easily and you have to have your receipt in order for them to warranty it.  They do have incentive programs where you can get expensive items at a super cheap price- which just makes me wonder why they don’t lower the price of everything?  Anyhow, of the two mentioned here I would go with Paparizzi hands down.  Actually I’d buy about anything before Lia Sophia.

Those are some of the businesses I have experience with.  I hope this has helped answer your questions and given you more information about signing up with any of these businesses.

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