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November 11, 2011
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Pinkalicious DS game

I had the chance to review a new Nintendo DS game- Pinkalicious.

This is a girly girl game!  It’s based on the best selling book series.

Basically, you design your own character- choosing skin, hair, clothes, and colors etc.   And you name it as well.  I typed in my name “JoDee” and it called me “JoDeelicious” which I thought was cute!

Once your player is created you go on a series of tasks arranging parties or get togethers.  You design the invitation, choose what neighborhood people you’re going to invite, how you’re going to decorate the party, food to be served etc.

It’s a great outlet that lets girls be creative and arrange and color or make things the way they want.  As an adult I found the game a little repetitive, so I would say it’s a game perfect for girls ages 6-10.  There is reading required. 

The game also comes with a cute pink stylus and little pouch shaped cleaner.

Here’s some “official” information on the game:

Pinkalicious loves her friends, family, and fun … and what better way to combine them than a pinktastic
party! Players express their ‘licious style by designing parties, choosing invitations and decorations,
creating cupcakes and other delicacies, and ultimately staging a party experience for Pinkalicious and
her friends. With each party, yet more decorations, foods, and activities are unlocked, offering an endless set of combinations for imaginative fans.

Set in Pinkalicious’ village, the player prepares by visiting different shops and homes, to provide a
sense of place. Whether delivering invitations or helping the baker decorate cupcakes, players have
a multitude of exciting party customization options. As new party themes and activities are unlocked players are further invited to explore and share in the pinktacular world of Pinkalicious!
Key Features:

Creative and Aesthetic-based Gameplay –

Quick, easy-to-access activities off a central hub allow a variety of fun party- related activities and games that cater to girls’ creative game play

Dress-Up Play – Create and dress up characters to attend your party based on real friends, or imaginary ones. Similar to Pocket God, the names float above the characters while in the party, lending a social play aspect to the player’s endeavors

Variety of Party Themes –

Whether an old fashioned birthday party, Luau, or … Pinkalicious party (!), players pick the theme and settings that suits their mood.
Endless Customization – Choose a setting, decorate with stickers, create treats, and enjoy games to play with your guests.

Use for Real-Life Party Planning –Your guest list, themes, decorations, and activities can be used to stage parties, whether an imaginary friend tea-party or a real birthday party!

Unlockable Decorations and Activities – Discover new gameplay as you gain more party creation experience.

Party Planner – A journal records the parties you’ve held.

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