oh, that’s why!

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February 1, 2013
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oh, that’s why!

In case you never understood why your parents told you not to jump on the furniture……. well here’s what happened to our baby crib!  Oh, THAT’s why!!!  After multiple times of telling my kids how they are too big to be in the baby crib with the baby this is what happened.
As I walked into the room I could tell something wasn’t quite right.  Seeing how the top of the mattress was along the bar where the bottom usually was I knew it was serious.  It wasn’t until the crib was disassembled that we could see how bad the bars that hold the mattress were bent!
Here’s a picture of the bars the way it was sitting with the mattress on it.

Even though you can see the bend in these pictures it doesn’t do it justice for how far bent they were!  I’d say a good 6″ or so.

How’d I fix it you ask?  I laid it on the carpet as it looks in the top picture (with the bent part up) then took it upon myself to use my weight to counter-act the damage that had been done by standing on the dome that shouldn’t have been there!
It bent back into shape pretty easily and since the floor was below it there wasn’t an over-bending in the other direction.
Fixed. Reassembled. Done. WHO’S THE MOM?!??!?

Honey, just for the record, my handiness in this situation just saved us $138 minimum cost of buying a new crib.

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