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The Office

I started watching this show a couple years ago. At first it was stupid and almost painful to watch, but then once you get to know the characters it’s quite entertaining! For those of you who haven’t seen it- it’s set up like a documentary-type show where they know the cameras are there and talk to them.  Its about a group of people that work for a paper company.  The office manager Michael (played by Steve Carrell) is so concerned with being the self proclaimed “worlds best boss” and having everyone like him, yet wanting to have fun, that he is constantly putting his foot in his own mouth and creating the most awkward situations for both himself and everyone around him.

Dwight is a Amish-type farmer turned worker in the public world.  He lives on a beet farm and although seems to be smart- he’s smart about all the wrong things!  He is one that can randomly list statistics and useless information including the inner workings of most scifi movies, yet constantly falls for the pranks that Jim sets him up for.  You guessed it- he’s single.  He’s also the one in the office that has his lips permanently glued to Michael’s ……..
Jim and Pam are the most normal people in the office- when I say normal I don’t mean race, size or anything, I mean socially normal.  And they spend their days pulling pranks on Dwight, and making fun of Michael together.  Jim often looks at the camera as if to say “are you seeing what I’m seeing?”.  Pam is often referred to as the hottest girl in the office and has to suffer what in any other office would be considered sexual harassment on a regular basis.
Angela is a cat fanatic who relates better to cats than to people.  She’s moody, quiet, snotty, doesn’t seem to really like anyone in the office (except Dwight who she had a fling with) and being with her she acts like she is just tolerating their presence.  She is also religious and seems to hold the morals and standards for the office- which is a double edged sword when she was engaged and having a fling with Dwight.
Andy was engaged to Angela during such fling.  Poor Andy, although happy, he’s clueless about most everything.  Socially challenged he’s usually 5 steps behind everyone else, or clear out in left field.  He’s happy, and nice, but the type that everyone is talking about something simple and he makes a comment about something totally unrelated and you know he’s totally missed the conversation.  He likes to sing and has some buddies he does quartets with.  He and Dwight are sworn enemies ever since he found out about Angela & Dwight’s fling and instead of dueling Dwight, he pinned him to a bush with his car.
Marilyn is the office slut and alcoholic. Enough said.
Phyllis is the momish figure of the office.  She seems to have alternative motives most of the time and is passive aggressive.
Kevin is SLOW, in every way and every thing.  Most of the time I end up wondering if he’s mentally challenged- as do the others in the office.
Stanley is your resident black guy.  He’s quiet and just seems to go to work to make money and not care about the socializing, or politics.  Michael constantly assumes Stanley knows all about rap and other black culture things.
Kelli is the resident Indian who doubles as a valley-girl.  She talks non-stop, uses “like” a LOT, and loves to shop and loves clothes.  She is excited most of the time.  Her motivation in dating anyone is to get married.
Oscar is the gay guy in the office, and like Stanley Michael is constantly referring to his difference in the office and assuming certain gay cultures about him.  He is also the only Latino in the office, yet apparently the gay card trumps that most of the time.
That’s the main characters- there’s many others that come and go in episodes.  You can watch episodes on  Give it 3 episodes and you’ll be hooked!


  1. Kelli says:

    Bestest show in the entire world ever!!!

  2. JoDee Martin says:

    Kelli! where have you gone! I don't see you on FB anymore :O(

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