Math vs Zombies classroom

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August 5, 2014
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August 7, 2014
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Math vs Zombies classroom

My husband started teaching middle school math this week so of course we had to have an awesome classroom theme the kids would like.  Playing on the “Plants vs Zombie’s” game idea we made a Math vs Zombies classroom!  Here’s a few before & after pictures and what we did:
His classroom was literally very basic with no decorations at all.  Sadly I didn’t take pictures before we hung up the paper for the boards (imagine dull brown or white wherever color is here:

The side board had a little more done to it by the time I took a picture so this is the best before picture I have-

And the back cabinets before-

Sadly the math books were the most colorful thing in the room!

After coloring a bunch of plants vs zombie’s coloring pages we found online, then cutting them out, we posted them around the room and on some of the boards.  It’s still a work in progress and I have a few more posters to make, but here’s a few of the after pictures:

The above board is his classroom’s policies & procedures wall titled “how to protect your brain daily”

This board is for school spirit events, notifications, etc.  I realized I took this picture before I had added the letters “WALL” under the zombie’s logo.

Here’s a few pictures I designed on the computer and we had printed off.  I wish we could have done them poster size but the resolution was too low.  On my to do list is to make some posters though.

This is their homework poster where they turn in homework -aka brain busters.

This is their bell work poster where they pick up and turn in bell work- aka brain food.

And this is on the policies and procedures board- aka how to protect your brains.

I plan on making a “plant food” treat bucket, as well as a “zombie defense” pencil jar.  Hope you enjoyed these pics! It’s been a lot of fun decorating!

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