LEGO Chima Birthday Party

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June 1, 2015
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LEGO Chima Birthday Party

Last weekend we had a LEGO Chima Birthday party for my son.  He’s a big fan of Chima, well anything LEGO really, but especially Chima.  It was surprisingly easy to come up with some fun games and ideas for the party! Here’s what we did:
We played 3 games-

1) Pin the “Chi” on Laval
I painted a picture of Laval (the lion guy) on a poster board and then we cut out blue paper circles to be the “Chi”.  Then we blindfolded the kids and saw who could get the closest to where the chi is supposed to go.

2) Catch the Chi
We filled up about 30 blue water balloons, then had the kids pick a partner and toss them back and forth- when they caught the water balloon they had to take a step back.  The goal was to see who could get the furthest apart.

Then when we were down to 3 balloons left I had the kids form a circle and pass the water balloons as a “hot potato” type.

Both ways were lots of fun and the kids had a blast with the water balloons.

3) Slurp the Chi!
This was the most fun game to watch- and probably for the kids as well.
I made some blue jello and poured it into mini cups with lids to set up. (like the kind you’d get condiments in at a nice to go place- Walmart sold them)
Each kid got a jello cup and a straw.  Then we counted down and at “go” everyone raced to eat their jello through their straw.  It was hilarious all the slurping sounds!

Instead of a cake we opted for cupcakes.  I made a typical box of cake mix into cupcakes, then frosted them using some of the blue jello powder to color and flavor the frosting.

We also had bottles of water available with labels I had printed up saying it was “chi water” along with the famous line from the show “use it well, use it wisely”

Party Favors:
For the party favor we printed off a little thank you note and attached it to a blue kool-aid squeezit, and called it “chi”

All in all it was a success!

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