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August 26, 2010
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August 27, 2010
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KY Yours & Mine

So this stuff is defiantly going down in my awesome products list!  I’m sure you all have seen the funny commercials where the quiet reserved couple is sitting on their bed talking about KY Yours & Mine, then there’s a picture of a rocket or something and then the couple is laying in bed with messed up hair, blankets etc. The commercials were funny enough for me to buy the product and try it!

So basically it’s 2 vials of lubricant- one pinkish purple, and one blue.  The pink/purple one is for the woman and the blue one is for the man.  After applying to each genital areas it creates a cool or warm sensation (depending on which one is applied) then when the two are combined it’s an awesome sensation!

The down side- the containers leak! for some reason the seal or lid or whatever doesn’t keep the lubricant contained.  We’ve purchased a few of these and they’ve all had the same problem.

Here is the KY website to get a coupon for $5 off. (it runs for about $16 at Walmart normally).

Funny story- so at the end of our date night one time Scott waited in the car while I ran in to buy some of the Yours & Mine.  It’s always a little awkward to some degree when you’re at the store in line to check out and your holding 1 thing such as tampons, condoms, etc.  So there I was in line with my one item, when the lady (who was with her husband) in front of me discretely came up to me and handed me a coupon for $5 off!  Ok, awkwardness worth it! Then my residual awkwardness came out in some lame attempt to thank her and make a short conversation……. I think it was something like “oh, wow, thank you, have you tried this stuff? yea it’s amazing”  which probably made her awkward! ha ha ha

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