It’s Craft Show Season!

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It’s Craft Show Season!

The leaves are changing colors, temperatures are cooling off a bit, and pumpkin everything is starting to be available…. that’s right, it’s CRAFT SHOW SEASON!!  Do you love craft shows? Or are you a vendor at craft shows that enjoys selling your wares?  Either way- they’re fun! If you’re looking into selling at a craft show this year you’ll want to read today’s post.
Over the years I’ve had lots of experience selling a lot of different things at craft shows.  What sells best at craft shows will depend on the location (area of the show), traffic (what kind of people will be attending), prices (finding that sweet spot), and the supply & demand of what’s available.

Things I’ve seen sell well over the years:

Little girls hair accessories
Little girls tutu’s
Homemade goodies- I’ve found these especially sell well if there’s a sample available
Discount scrapbooking & card supplies or pre-made items
Silky jammies
Baby blankets
Jewelry- especially the $5 sets

Again, it will depend on where the craft show is at, who’s shopping at it, and how the prices are.

Typically craft show prices are a little higher because the items are homemade, or hard to find. With the exception of brand items of course.

But the benefit of craft shows is you can find unique homemade items that you may not have come across otherwise.

As a seller the key is to price your items right
#1- make sure you’re making a profit. Ideally you want to shoot for a 30% profit minimum.
#2- find that sweet spot of not being over or under priced.  It helps to attend some craft shows and have an idea of what similar items sell like in your area.

Depending on the craft show you may need to provide your own table(s), chairs, and if it’s outside you’ll probably want a awning.  These are all good things to find out when signing up.  I love the ones that provide a table & chairs! Less things to load/unload for me.

Remember when setting up your table- presentation is everything!  Use a tablecloth, and have displays that create levels and dimensions.  One display I’ve used a lot is actually a shoe rack similar to this one on Amazon-

You can also use your empty boxes under the tablecloth, or extra fabric to create shelves/height to display things.

The better your display looks the more people that will want to stop and see what you have for sale.

And don’t forget- a lot of other crafters may want to- or be open to trading! It’s a great way to go home with something different that you’ll use.

Be sure to have change- small bills, a drink, and pack some snacks/food or plan on buying some from other vendors.

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