Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

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January 9, 2014
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January 21, 2014
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Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

Yesterday was my husband’s birthday and it’s one of the few times a year I make a cake (we’re not big cake eaters).  I wanted to do something special and unique.  After pinning on Pinterest what I found out to be the same pin 4 times apparently it’s a cool enough idea to try!  Ice Cream Sandwich Cake.  Check out how easy it was to make.
Since my hubby’s favorite ice cream is Neapolitan I got the Neapolitan ice cream sandwiches.  You’ll also want a tub of cool whip.  For a cake the size I made it took 2 boxes (24 ice cream sandwiches).

So let me first start by saying by the time I got home and unloaded groceries, took care of the baby etc. the ice cream sandwiches were starting to melt.  The cool whip however hadn’t completely defrosted yet, so finding that balance was a little tricky.  If I wasn’t in a rush to make the cake again I’d make sure the cool whip is completely defrosted and the ice cream sandwiches are frozen good.  But at any rate that’s why my cool whip layers aren’t as smooth as they could have been.

First unwrap and lay ice cream sandwiches into pan.  The good thing is you can arrange them any way they’ll fit.  And even break them in half for the left over spaces.

Next spread some cool whip on top of the sandwiches.

And now add a second layer of ice cream sandwiches.  I laid them down with the opposite direction of ice cream flavor  so each “slice” would have all 3 flavors.

Spread on another layer of cool whip and you’re done!! You can add sprinkles, shaved chocolate or whatever else you want to jazz it up a little.  If you want to make it really fancy you could even put your cool whip into a frosting bag and pipe on a decorative top. (maybe next time)

This cake was delicious and something fun and different, not to mention EASY to make!

Happy Birthday Scott!!

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