I See Me! My Very Own World Adventure book review

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June 18, 2015
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I See Me! My Very Own World Adventure book review

I See Me! has done it again…. this time with a book about traveling throughout the world.  In My Very Own World Adventure the child’s first and last name is spelled out in the countries they visit.  For example, we got this book to review for my son Brady.  So the first country they went to in the book was Brazil, next was Romania, then Argentina and so on.  And as always the quality of the book is exceptional!  We’re always impressed with anything from I See Me!
In each country the reader is given a gift to represent that country.  Then at the end of the book there’s a really cool guide that shows all the countries in the world, their flag, and a little bit of information on each one.  It’s a great educational book as well as personalized with your child’s name to make it even more fun to read and learn about new places!

Brady had so much fun reading this book and learning about the countries that spelled out his name!  I’m sure the book will be a resource for him throughout school as well.  If you’re planning on traveling, or just want your child to learn more about different countries in the world this is a great book!

You can order your own personalized book at I See Me!

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