I Heart Shakey Movie Review

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I Heart Shakey Movie Review

We were given the oppertunity to review this cute family movie- I Heart Shakey.  A movie about a father and his daughter who move from the country to the city and learn that pets are not allowed at their new home.
As they try to both adjust to life in the city and figure out what to do about Shakey viewers are entertained with the appearance of silly people and circumstances. Shakey visits a snobby kennel which he proves he’s too smart for, then continues to show what a smart dog he is by getting out of and into some interesting situations. 

The antaginists of the movie include the apartment manager who has a classic appearance of your typical old snotty hag of a witch, and her stooge- a goofy dumb but eager to please shadow.  The father’s boss is an extremely odd, but not necessarily bad person.

The movie teaches the value of family, loyalty, and standing up for what you belive.  I was even glad to see a familar face- Steve Guttenberg, who plays a nice but off his rocker man.

My kids liked this movie, and I found it very entertaining and humorous!  Oh and there’s some cute little cartoons throughout the movie that are fun to watch too!

*we were given this movie to review*

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