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Huggies Snug & Dry #Ultrahug Campaign

Remember my post a couple weeks ago about this campaign?  Well now I’m working with Huggies to promote the Snug & Dry #UltraHug campaign!  Upload a selfie of you and your baby with the hashtag #Ultrahug and nominate a local cause you’d like to see Huggies award a $2,000 grant to. Click here to go to the Huggies #Ultrahug campaign page.  Today’s post is my own personal pictures and recommendation for the grant.

I would love to see Raising Superheroes get awarded a grant to go towards taking their program to more schools.  The program teaches students K-12 the difference between victims, villains, and heroes, then helps them discover the hero within!

Schools NEED this program.  Students today more than ever NEED to learn how to be a hero in attitude and actions.  Bullying has become so prevalent in recent years.  Bullies are Villains and this program has a simple definition for students to understand what behavior is bullying.

In August there will be a classroom curriculum available that teachers can include with their lessons.This program and it’s curriculum is one I’d like to see at every school!

Do you have a cute baby? Go to the campaign page to learn how to be a part of the #Ultrahug movement and nominate your own cause.

I’ve always been a Huggie’s fan, and in fact it’s the only diapers I’ve used on most of my kids (I did use a cheap brand on my oldest two when  I was a new mom and didn’t realize the quality difference)

I love using Huggies Snugglers when they’re newborn, then the basic Snug & Dry as they get to size 1 on up.  We are a exclusive Huggie’s diaper house!  Plus, if you google Huggie’s you’ll find a ton of great things they do with the community like the #UltraHug Campaign.  They even have a mom inventors grant program that’s pretty neat.  Huggie’s is a great community supporter! (and that is my 100% honest opinion)

So head on over to the #UltraHug Campaign page and find out how you can enter and nominate you own local program to receive a $2,000 grant! It could be for a park, pool, school program, you name it!  Help make a difference while showing off your adorable baby!


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    Great cause, mama! Love your #UltraHug selfie, too!

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