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Horrid Henry Book Review

If you have a young boy around the ages of 6-10 they will probably enjoy this book, and others of it’s series “Horrid Henry”.  This particular book has 4 short stories about Horrid Henry, his brother Perfect Peter and others such as their mom and dad, Moody Margaret, and his dance teacher Mrs Tutu.  I couldn’t help but think of my 8 year old while reading these stories.  Of all my children he has always been the “busy” one- the one that usually makes the messes, gets into things, and is usually in his own world we call “Marshall-land” and not paying attention to anything or anyone else.
It’s because of his personality that he seems to get into more trouble than the rest of my kids do.  He will enjoy reading this book as much as he enjoyed the movie.

As a parent reading the book at first I was appalled at how the parents treated him- even when he makes an effort to be good.  They are so used to him being horrid that it’s all the expect him to be.  So he gets blamed for things he didn’t do, and doesn’t get credit for the good things he does do.  I’m sure as parents we do these types of things to some degree, but I certainly hope not to this extreme!

These 4 short stories were cute, well written, and an easy read for young kids.  Plus there are pictures every other page or so keeping their attention (and mine) while reading.

This would make a great Christmas gift!!

*this book was sent to us free of charge for reviewing purposes*

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