Homemade Skillet Meal

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April 28, 2015
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Homemade Skillet Meal

Skillet meals are the bomb dot com. A balanced dinner and only taking 1 pan to make cuts down on dishes.  You can purchase skillet meals in the freezer section of your grocery store.  They usually have meat, veggies, pasta and sauce included.  That’s not too complicated! I figured it was something that could probably be easily done in a homemade version- and I was right! Here’s the recipe:
In your large skillet cook the chicken.  I seasoned it with garlic & herb seasoning and some minced garlic.  You could really make this in so many different ways just by adjusting the seasonings, meat and types of veggies.  The possibilities are endless!!

Once the chicken was cooked I added a box of pasta- doesn’t matter what kind, any kind you like.  Then add enough water to cook the pasta in.  You can always add more water as you go so this is something to go light on at first.  I added just enough water to be able to see it when it boiled.  I also added about 1 T of chicken flavored seasoning at this point.

Cover the pan with a lid to help the past cook quicker.
Once the pasta is about half way cooked take about 1/2 c. of the sauce out of the pan.  Mix 1-2 T of cornstarch with the sauce then add back to the chicken and pasta.
Add the veggies at this time.

Cover the pan with a lid again and let the veggies cook while the pasta finishes cooking and the sauce thickens.
Stir often and add water if needed.

Once the pasta and veggies are cooked it’s good to go!

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