Homemade Saltwater Taffy

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June 15, 2015
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Homemade Saltwater Taffy

With this Summer I made the goal of being productive, spending more time with my kids, reading a book series as a family and teaching the kids some skills.  This week we made homemade saltwater taffy together.  It was so much fun! the kids had a blast pulling it together.  And we learned that the recommended temperature to cook it to was too high- unless you like a sucker-taffy cross, but we prefer soft taffy.  Here’s the recipe and how we did it:

You can find this recipe inside your candy flavoring-

2 c. sugar
3/4 c. water
1 c. light corn suryp
1 t. salt
2 T cornstarch
3 T butter

cook all to a softball stage.  The recipe said 255-260 degrees but we did about 254 and it was still a little harder than we would prefer.  I think next time we’ll make it without the thermomator and do the cold water test until it gets to a softball stage.

Once it reaches the right temp/stage stir in 1/4 t. of the flavoring and the food coloring to the desired color. (remember the color will go lighter as you stretch it)
Pour it into a greased glass casserole dish to cool a bit.

Once the taffy has cooled to a point where you can handle it- but it’s still warm, grease your hands (we used pam spray) and grab the taffy.  You’re going to pull it then fold it in half over and over until it turns a lighter color. (about 20 minutes)  This was perfect for 2 kids to do together!

Once it’s light in color roll it like a snake and then cut it into pieces and wrap in waxed paper.

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