Garlic Crescents

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September 12, 2013
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September 16, 2013
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Garlic Crescents

This was one of those recipes that we couldn’t believe we had thought of it before!! Garlic Crescents!  Seriously one of the easiest and most delicious versions of garlic bread you will ever try.  You HAVE to try this recipe!
All you do is open, unroll, separate, then roll back up the crescents.  Place them on a cookie sheet ready for baking just like you would if you were going to make plain crescents.

Now it’s time to make them magical!
In a small bowl melt 2 T of butter (you don’t need much because crescents are basically FILLED with butter- that’s what makes them so flaky and delicious)
Add in your favorite seasonings- I used: garlic powder, onion salt, and a little bit of Italian seasoning.
Brush onto the crescents and bake as per the package directions.

What a perfect, easy, quick and fancy bread to serve with meals!

We had them with spaghetti, and the as snacks………so good! Enjoy!

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