Fun Bites Review & Giveaway

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June 23, 2015
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Fun Bites Review & Giveaway

As seen on ABC’s Shark Tank- Fun Bites are a cute way to cut food into fun shapes for your kids!  We received one to try out for this review and my kids were so excited!  Here’s a few pictures and what we thought about it.
When we first got it I wasn’t sure how it’d work and my biggest concern was what to do with the wasted food that wasn’t cut into shapes.

We used it to cut up a peanut butter & jelly sandwich for my 2 little girls.  Since the shapes are right up against each other on the cut out there was no wasted areas between shapes.  Perfect layout and smart thinking creators! 

So the only “waste” or uncut part were around the edges which my baby was happy to eat so no big deal.  My 3 year old LOVED having her sandwich cut into the shapes and what was even more awesome was how much she ate!  
She actually ate more and wasted less of her sandwich this way then the normal way I make them and cut them into 4 triangles.  Normally when I cut them into 4 triangles she will eat a few bites of the center corner and leave a good portion of the sandwich by the crust untouched.  I haven’t ever cut off the crusts for her (don’t want to start that habit).  But with the Fun Bites there were no crusts- just shapes!  So she ate them all!
When it came to cleaning the Fun Bites my 12 year old that was doing the dishes that day had a little bit of a struggle getting the peanut butter out of some of the shapes, but after trying again with hot water it came out easier.  I think it was just different then the simple wipe down he was used to.  I’m sure it’d clean out just fine in a dishwasher- which these are dishwasher safe!
If you have a picky eater- Fun Bites are a great way to make meal time fun and help your little one eat more!
Ok now for the fun part- You can enter to win your choice of Fun Bite!!  
(sometimes the app takes a second to load)

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  1. Laura H says:

    I would get the green squares!

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