Disney’s Frozen Movie Review

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January 23, 2014
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Disney’s Frozen Movie Review

If you haven’t seen Disney’s latest hit movie Frozen put it in your calendar.  That is if you can still find it in theaters by the time this review goes live.  Otherwise make sure to buy it when it comes out!  Many people I know are saying this is their new favorite Disney movie, and although it is a great movie and has some great songs it didn’t quite take over the #1 spot for me.
Basically it’s about 2 sisters, one of which has powers to create frozen things.  But after an accident their parents the king and queen lock up the castle and limit contact with the outside world convincing the sister with powers that she needs to control and conceal her powers.  Which she does for many years….
One of my favorite songs is when she is finally free to be herself and use her powers.  It made me think of how we all put on appearances and may not truly be ourselves for fear of other’s not accepting us, but doing that isn’t being true to our self.   Here’s that musical number-

The snowman “Olof” is definitely the comic relief of the movie.  He kept not only my kids giggling but my husband and I too.

I can’t wait for Frozen to be at Disney on ice- so much possibilities!

Frozen will be on DVD on March 18th, 2014.

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