Car Seat Recovering

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July 11, 2011
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Car Seat Recovering

Years ago I recovered one of our boosters to make it more enticing for my son as he was growing into the new seat.  I recovered it with the fabric theme he liked at the time- Disney’s Car’s.
Now it’s being used by another son and the fabric has gotten a little worn and this son is more of a Toy Story fan than Cars so I took off the old fabric and sewed new Toy Story fabric on.
It’s like a brand new car seat, and personalized to the child’s own taste which gives them a sense of pride in their car seat.

Recovering a car seat is pretty easy.  Here are the steps:
1. take the covers off of the car seat
2. wash (if necessary- which usually is for my kids!)
3. lay your new fabric over the middle section of the car seat covers and cut out the shape/style needed. (this can be kind of tricky and take time and patience being careful you don’t cut the car seat cover)
4. sew (I do a zig zag stitch) around the edges of the fabric on to the car seat cover.
That’s it!
I don’t worry too much about turning ends under or having it “exact” because it’s something that will get used and worn by the kids a LOT and may need to be replaced down the road.  Plus rarely do people closely inspect the seams on your car seat. 🙂

This is the before- you can see how the bottom cover has gotten worn and ripped. It was ready to be replaced!

This is the new result!
And I even had enough fabric left over to make my son some matching shorts!

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