Big Mamba Jamba Crock pot!

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July 8, 2016
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Big Mamba Jamba Crock pot!

My old and trusty 6 quart crock pot had an “electrical accident” the other day.  It was the weirdest thing- I plugged it in and it sparked and the wire popped off the back of the crock pot. How weird and random right? But I guess it was for the best because with my family growing and getting more teenagers we were ready for something bigger than 6 quarts.  And that’s how I found this Big Mamba Jamba Crock Pot!! This beast is 8.5 quarts and I’m LOVING it!!

We went from having to cram enough food to feed everyone in my family into the 6 quart crock pot to having almost half of this one empty!  I know the math on that doesn’t add up- but there is a lot of extra space!

It has 3 temperature settings- Warm, Low, High and you can set a timer for it to cook how long you want and then it will automatically go to warm.  That was awesome one time we used this and ended up eating later than planned because Ii didn’t have to do anything different- I knew it wouldn’t get over cooked.

I haven’t played around too much with all of it’s settings etc yet, but so far what I’ve done I have just LOVED!

It’s not bad for the price either!  I got mine on Amazon- go see.
(affiliate link- if you purchase anything from this link it helps support my family)

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