Baby Clothes Prep

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July 8, 2014
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Baby Clothes Prep

In preparation for the new baby I washed the entire bucket of 0-3 month old clothes we saved from when Addie was born.  Let the baby clothes prep begin!!  I forgot how tiny and cute all the little clothes are!  And I also noticed that either we got rid of a lot of Addie’s outfits, or we were really into jammies for her.  When all was washed and put away the grand total surprised me-
The new baby already has:
19 jammies
9 outfits
about a dozen burp cloths
and strangely enough only 4 receiving blankets

These ratios seem kinda off to you? Well they do to me!  My only conclusion is that we gave away more outfits than jammies when Addie outgrew them, and I’m hoping there’s more receiving blankets in one of the other bins.  We have plenty of other baby blankets, but the first couple months it’s nice to have those light weight receiving blankets.

So now at least I know what we need to shop for! Luckily we got a good head start- one of the pros about 2 girls in a row.  Mostly we just need to buy the consumable stuff like diapers, wipes, lotion, etc.  Totally doable!

What got me on this preparation kick when I still have 10 weeks left?  Boredom for one, it’s Summer, kids are home all day, it’s hot, and I’m too pregnant and tired to do much so our days are pretty low key lately.  Also last week at my doctor’s appointment both the nurse and the doctor at separate times commented on how I’m “almost done”.  I told them they must have me confused with someone else since I still have 10 weeks left, to which they responded how 30 weeks is 3/4 of the way through………….  okay, I guess that’s better than being half way through, but 10 weeks doesn’t seem like it’s “almost done” hahaha.

So 10 weeks now to finish prepping! Yey!!!
My to do list includes:
Sewing a hospital gown (thanks for the pattern/idea pinterest- I’ll share once it’s done)
Sewing Maxi skirts for the girls and I
Sewing a baby night gown
Buying the consumable stuff
And still need to find a couple adorable outfits for the baby to wear and come home from the hospital in.

Suddenly 10 weeks doesn’t seem very long…….

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