Awesome Week 46

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November 13, 2015
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November 20, 2015
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Awesome Week 46

It’s week 46 of our 52 weeks of Awesome! How are you doing? I’m thinking of doing an advanced weekly task list for next year that will for sure have food storage items each week that will take your food storage from needs to luxury!  But I’m not even going to put in the time and effort if there’s not an interest (believe it or not I do have other things demanding my time). So if you want an advanced weekly task list for your food storage, or any other area let me know!
Here’s this week’s mini list-

Now lets look at this week in detail:

Week 46:
Jewelry & Accessories
  • Do you still have jewelry from the 80’s? or some that you will most-likely never wear again?
  • Clean your old jewelry, get rid of the ones you wont or don’t wear anymore
  • wash your scarves and hats
Jewelry box/Display project
  • while organizing your jewelry box you may want to work on a project for a new box or display project for accessories.

Set aside $5-20

  • Each week set aside $5-20 depending on your financial situation.  Put the money in a safe place where you wont be tempted to dip into it.
  • Think about what you want to use the money for- savings, Christmas, vacation, shopping spree, pay off debt, etc. keep your focus on that goal!

Sweet Potato Casserole

  • Each week I will give you a new recipe to try out.
  • If you started at the first of the year this recipe will be just in time for Thanksgiving!  It’s the best!  Forget the marshmallows- this one is so much better.
  • This week’s recipe can be found here

Read 4 Chapters

  • It’s getting close to the end of the year- make sure you’ve got the books read you wanted to for this year.
Smile and wave to 20 random people
  • Smiling is contageous
  • If you wave to someone, the odds are pretty good they’ll wave back!
  • Do it to other cars while driving- that’s the best because they wave out of reflex and don’t realize they didn’t know you until after you’ve passed each other!
Buy 6 lbs of Pasta
  • your food storage will be adding up!
  • Remember to keep pasta in a air-tight container to prevent bugs from getting in it.
  • You can get any kind of pasta your family likes.
Have you enjoyed this year’s 52 weeks of Awesome?
*I’m thinking of doing an ADVANCED weekly list next year (if there’s interest, because lets face it with 6 kids I don’t have time to spend on something each week that wont be used by others)

It will for sure include ADVANCED food storage items that I personally add to my food storage to make it more than just the basics. I believe in luxury, so our food storage has not only the necessities, but the things we enjoy as well.

Please comment, or email me your thoughts, and suggestions!

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