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2018 Gift Guide with video reviews

It’s that time of year again! Here is this year’s gift guide, we decided to do something a little different this year (surprise surprise right?) and we did video reviews!  So here are the video’s we posted live on our facebook page and youtube channel. (be sure you’ve liked and subscribed!)

Bobbi Toads-https://www.bobbitoads.com/

These cute light up shoes for kids with an add on mini stuffed animal that can attach to a shoe or back pack etc. You can also paint on the toes of the shoes with nail polish.  These shoes are so cute!! My girls LOVE them.  My 4 year old has shown everyone she meets her new shoes and had to show off how they light up, and have a matching unicorn (that’s what the little animal was that we couldn’t figure out what it was in the video)

Doodle Pants- www.doodlepants.com

These ADORABLE clothes have cute little designs on the bum, they have lots of different outfits to choose from and were one of my favorite booths at the ABC Kids Expo this year.  If you want your kids in an outfit that people are always complimenting and asking where you got it, you need to check out their website!
Save 20% when you use the code: AZMOM and you’ll get 20% off all retail, non clearance items

MAM- http://www.shopmambaby.com/shop/mambaby-pacifiers/holiday

You probably already know MAM, a trusted baby brand for as long as I can remember.  They have the cutest holiday pacifiers and teething toys!  I forgot to mention the teething toy on the video, so here’s a picture of one of them.  Be sure to have your baby in style this holiday season with a holiday pacifier!

My readers get 20% off their entire order! Use code:  N3CQD6AE 
SmitCo has lots of different gift ideas for the creative and artistic girl in your life- from jewelry to diary’s to scrapbook sets and more. We reviewed one of their diva princess diary’s.
Real shades make my favorite sunglasses ever! They change color in the sunlight! Now they have come out with Screen Shades to protect your eyes from harmful blue light caused by electronics.  I notice a huge difference instantly in how my eyes feel when I’m working on the computer or watching TV and I put them on.

Cute matching sets of Tushie Totes, Binki Bands, & Dropper Stoppers for baby.  Perfect for on the go moms who want to have everything handy and prevent things from getting lost or dirty.
Matching set of eye and ear protectors for kids 0-2 years old. This matching set protects baby/toddler eyes from glare and ears from blare.  Keep your little ones eyes and ears safe!

These alphabet blocks are a fun toy for children learning their letters.  Each side of the blocks has a capital letter, a lower case letter, a cursive letter (that’s unique alone!), and 3 pictures that go with the letter.  Such a fun way to learn and play.  It comes in it’s own wood tray to hold all the blocks.
Dead ringer is a group game where everyone tries to match the same answers (and in the same order if possible) as the ring leader.  The first person to have the same answer and ring the bell gets a bonus point!  Play 9 rounds and see who gets the most points.  

These bubble gloves are kid size disposable gloves! They come in red or blue for the tight fitting size for ages 5-12, and transparent for ages 3-8.  This was a life savor when my son cut his finger while we were making applesauce, he was able to put on one of these gloves and keep helping! 
Eczema care therapy (ignore the way I say eczema in the video, I know, it’s weird) They have an assortment of products made for eczema sufferers. They are unscented, steroid and fragrance free and accepted by the National Eczema Association.

This cute little ornament & book package shares a sweet story about how every ornament has it’s own story.  Oliver was the first ornament a family had and was purchased when the parents were dating, he is picked on by some of the other ornaments, but in the end it’s Oliver who shares how special each ornament is to the family and how they each have a story.
These adorable striped jammies match the ones worn by one of the characters in the book “The Wonderful Things You Will Be” by Emily  Martin.  The story talks about all the possibilities in life and how the child can choose to be anything they want.  These matching jammies make the book personable to your child!

This fun family game is great for even younger kids.  There’s 1 card that ends the game instantly and you never know when it will be drawn, so get as many pig points as you can as fast as you can!  Watch out though, the action cards could make you lose your pig points.
These weighted footie and winter sack helps soothe and comfort your baby and helps them sleep better in 1-3 nights.  Your baby will fall asleep faster, rest more peacefully and get longer healthier sleep.  Plus the fabric is super soft!

This game is like a upgraded version of slap jack.  Although it says ages 7+, its a game my 4 year old can play with no issue.  You have the colored nuts around the circle, everyone takes turns flipping a card over into the middle of the circle and if there’s a match, the first person to grab the nut of the color of the cards that matched gets that nut.  If you grab the wrong colored nut you lose a nut.  The game ends when all cards or nuts are gone.  The winner is the one with the most nuts.
This game is for ages 8+ and requires a little more strategy.  Each person has cards they use to run the race and booster cards that help you get more points.  The player with the most points wins and gets a 1st place coin.  Once someone has 3 coins they win the game.

This True Tot Tower helps your little one get the height they need to reach and do things such as brushing their teeth, helping in the kitchen, or doing activities that require them to be higher, but has guide walls for safety so they don’t fall off.  It has 3 height level adjustments and folds flat for storage.

These room & fabric fresheners are made with essential oils and come in a variety of scents.  I’m usually sensitive to smells and it’s hard for me to find candles and air fresheners that I like, but I actually liked and could tolerate all of the ones sent to me.  The Vetiver especially smells good- like a mens cologne. 

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