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2015 Holiday Gift Guide

It’s here! Just in time for your holiday shopping- our 2015 Holiday Gift Guide.  We are lucky enough to work with some amazing companies that have products you may or may not be aware of.  This guide will show you some really cool products you’ll want to check out while doing your holiday shopping this year!  Each category has our top favorites, but don’t forget to check out the honorable mentions at the bottom- they’re pretty cool too!

My #1 favorite, must have item is:

This Creative Baby iMat is probably the coolest thing my kids have seen in awhile.  It’s captured the attention of all my kids, and they all think it’s pretty neat which is why it’s my #1 favorite must-have item for this year!  So basically it’s a foam puzzle mat like you’ve probably seen before.  But this puzzle mat is different- and so awesome!  It has pictures all over it (the one we got to review had sea life animals) and by each picture there is a bubble with the name of whatever the animal/item is.  Ok now for the super cool part…. there’s this digital pen that comes with the iMat that brings everything to life!  When you touch the pen to the mat it will tell you about whatever animal/item you touched.  It will play sounds, music, and you can even use the pen to play find and seek games with the iMat.
It’s super cool!  And retailing at only $29.99 it’s also totally affordable.  My 3 year old and her friend played with it for hours today- and that’s a long time for a couple of 3 year olds!  They’re learning while they play. It even has 3 language options- English, Spanish and Chinese. There’s other iMats available as well that teach the alphabet and animal world.  I’d love to review those some day as well.  Meanwhile to get one for yourself go to: http://www.creativebabyinc.com/

for Mom

If your mom or wife is pregnant or has a baby you may want to consider a Moby wrap.  I never thought baby wearing would be something I would be in to.  And the wraps seemed to be more of a hassle to me- that is until I tried them! They are SO SO SO comfortable!  And they offer so much support and security for both mom and baby it’s amazing.  So if you have a wife or mom that could use one of these by all means get her one!  They retail for $49.95 and you can get one at: http://mobywrap.com/

If your wife or mom is planning on attending parties this Holiday season this Lace Shift Black dress would be the perfect gift.  I love how elegant it looks and a black dress is always handy. Even though you can’t tell from the picture, the lace that you see on the sleeves, is also over the entire dress.  This dress would work for parties, a night out, or even to work in a nice office.  The sample sent to us was size 10, but it looks like it runs a little small. Retails for $220 and can be purchased at: www.leota.com

If your mom is into recycling and living green Landfill Dzine has some cool items you’ll want to check out!  When I first heard about their products I have to admit I paused……. not sure what a recycled chic bag would be like since my only experience with them were for reusable grocery bags. But when it came, the 3 bottle wine bag was, to my surprise, elegant!  Even though I don’t drink alcohol personally I’m sure it could be used for a number of things with it’s 3 compartments.  It retails for $30.00.  I actually really love their Chevron hand bags- you really should check them out! It’s a great combination of style and environmental consciousness. For more information or to get your own recycled accessories go to: www.landfilldzine.com

for Dad

Let’s face it, dads and sports just go together.  That’s why the Ogo Sport RAQ is the perfect gift for dad.  It’s basically a hand trampoline for balls, or whatever you want.  The box suggests using it in sports like volleyball, baseball and tennis, or with water balloons.  Honestly, I don’t think your dad (or husband) will need many ideas on how to use these! Retails for $35.99 and can be purchased at Amazon below

for Baby & Toddler
You HAVE to check out this super cute folding rocking chair from Hoohobbers!  My girls can’t get enough of it!  It folds up for easy storage, or would also make it great for traveling.  The fabric seat part can be taken off to be washed easily as well.  You can also get the fabric back part customized with your child’s name embroidered on it.  My only wish is that we were able to do this instead of getting one with a random name on it for the one we reviewed. :/ Seeing how none of my kids is named “Gianni” it looses it’s appeal slightly, however…… when you order yours you can choose the name to be embroidered on yours and you wont have the same problem!  You can also choose from a variety of colors to match you child’s bedroom.  The chair retails for $49.95 and the name embroidery is $12.95 extra.  They also have other child furniture items- check them out at: www.hoohobbers.com

If soft is what you’re looking for Balboa Baby has it with their Simply Soft Blanket.  This unbelievably soft blanket is one your baby will love from infancy to toddlerhood… (yes I just made that word up).  The elegant color of the blanket is accented with a soft patterned fabric along the edges.  The one we were sent is the Grey Dahlia pattern shown in the picture above.  I like that it’s gender neutral in colors and design.  My personal favorite of theirs is the black lattice.  The blanket retails at $25.00, however Balboa Baby also has other trendy and elegant items for moms you may want to check out such as nursing covers, adjustable slings, shopping cart covers, and reversible car seat canopy’s.  See them all at: www.balboababy.com

If your little girl has hair a Ponytail Pal would make a GREAT stocking stuffer!  These mini stuffed animals attached to a ponytail elastic are so fun. We also got to review a few of their other products- babynie knit baby beanie, an emoji baby knit hat, and a buddy bracelet from the Buddy Collection.  They are all as cute as a bugs ear….. odd saying, but they’re super cute.  And what little kid wouldn’t love a mini stuffed animal on their hat, in their hair or on a bracelet?!?  Ponytail Pals retail for $8.99 each, the Buddy Bracelet is $12.95, and the hats are $24.00.  There’s other styles and more- check them all out at: www.ponytailpals.com

My kids got a kick out of this next product because it had the same name as our baby (minus the cow) Bella the cow.  It’s a inflatable purple cow that babies can ride and bounce on- oh what fun!  Why don’t they make things like this for adults?  It retails for $40.43 and can be purchased at Amazon below

This Foxey blanket/nap mat is one of the cutest things ever!  It’s reversible to work as a mat, or as a blanket.  Both my 1 year old and my 3 year old love this foxey! It’s so cute, and I love how the fabric it’s made of is durable and heavy that makes it a perfect toy/blanket for warm or cool weather.  My girls love having it in the car with them and I love that it can fold up more compact than a stuffed animal would- but they get both the “animal” toy and a blanket with this.  It’s great! There’s other animals too. It retails for $69. You can purchase Foxey or one of  it’s friends at http://loveoribel.com/us/products/

Gifts for Kids

For younger kids who may be struggling with anxieties or fears a Worry Eater is something you’ll want to look into.  It’s such a great idea! I can’t believe no one has made these before.  So basically it’s a little monster looking stuffed animal (there’s 8 to choose from) that has a zipper for it’s mouth.  Your child writes their worry down and them places it into the worry eater’s mouth, zips it up, then lets the worry eater handle it while they are now free from the issue.  We got “Saggo” to review and even my 14 year old daughter was pretty smitten with it from the start.  Worry Eaters retail for $15.99-$22.99 and are from the Haywire Group- which as a side note has a TON of games and other products that I would love to review as well some day!  Check out their website and you’ll see what I mean, they are so original and yet look so fun.  For more info go to: www.haywiregroup.com
Worry Eaters was nominated for Toy of the Year (TOTY)- if you’d like to vote for them go to: http://www.toyawards.org/toyaward/custom/SpecialtyToy.aspx

Paper Punk has a fun kit where you can make your very own Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles out of paper!  How much would your boy love to get one of these? They each come in their own box with instructions on how to fold and put them together.  How cool is that?!?  I think every TMNT fan needs a set of these.  Retailing at $9.95 each they’d make a perfect stocking stuffer.  Also, I bet they’d keep a young child busy for awhile on a long trip over the Holiday’s.  See these and other awesome products at: www.paperpunk.com

Modarri- the coolest toy car I’ve ever seen.  These toy cars can be taken apart, customized, then reassembled and be durable yet stylish as well!  My boys were all over these cars! Thankfully we were sent 3 to review so there was one for each of them.  Each car comes with it’s own screwdriver to assist in the customization.  With the ability to interchange parts the possibilities of different cars are endless.  Congratulations Modarri! You’ve built a cool, durable toy car that can be made in to many many cars.  Modarri cars retail for $19.95 each or you can get a set of 3 for $49.95 (I’d recommend the set of 3 so you can interchange the parts right away)  you can also order parts to interchange.  To get yours go to: http://modarri.com/

Gifts for Teens


One thing kids enjoy doing is personalizing their space.  Their room, locker at school, or whatever space is theirs.  RoomLookz is perfect to add that touch of their style to their space. Items range in price from $3.99 to $24.99 so it’s also very affordable.  The items we were lucky enough to review are:

  • Peel & Stick Wallpaper- retails for $19.99
  • Magnetic storage big- $5.99
  • Tape Dispenser- $6.99
  • Flower Magnet- $3.99

I LOVE the designs RoomLookz has!!  They have other products such as: magnetic dry erase wallboard, gem magnet, magnetic mirror with stand, acrylic tabletop caddy, LED tabletop lamp, and even a candy dispenser!  Their website even has an option where you can mix & match and design your own space.  Forget the kids- I want to shop there for my desk!  For more information go to: http://lockerlookz.com/roomlookz

As parents we want our children to read, learn and become inspired to be amazing, as kids they want to play video games.  Here is a solution for both- INVICTA Flash & Thunder boxed set comes with  an interactive video game, a dynamic graphic novel, two maps, an operations packet with fifteen cards, and a 6″ detailed paratrooper action figure.  So they can read a true story in a book about Turner Turnbull, a Native American paratrooper’s incredible D-Day experience and how he became a leader.  The game includes a 108 page graphic novel written in a reader chooses-the-outcome format.  Then there’s other materials to help them complete their mission while role playing as Turner Turnbull.  INVICTA Flash & Thunder is meant to teach kids leadership skills, motivate them to become their potential and gain respect for American leaders.  It retails for $34.99 and can be purchased on Amazon below.  For more info: http://invictachallenge.com/

for Family

If you have a steady hand, or at least a bit of patience, or if you can laugh at your mistakes you’ll want to give the game Bellz a try!  So how it works is, there are multiple colors of bells, you have a magnetic wand that you use to pick up one color and ONLY that color.  Not only are there multiple colors, but there’s multiple sizes as well.  The first person to get 10 bells wins! Retails for $19.99, available on Amazon below

Lumpy Cubes are a fun family game that will improve your memory, reaction time, and motor skills…… or okay so maybe it will make you realize you’ve lost all those with age and your kids haven’t.  It can be played with 2-6 players and is suggested for ages 7+.  It retails for $19.99 and can be purchased at:  http://roosterfin.com/

MoHawkz is another game by Joe RoosterFin.  This game comes with 6 Mohawkz balls, a target ramp and instructions how to play.  Your family will have a ball (pun intended) trying to get these Mohawkz balls into the target ramp.  It may be the one exception to playing with balls in the house.  Retails for $14.99  you can also purchase this at: http://roosterfin.com/

Awesome Electronics

Probably one of the coolest electronics this house has seen in a long time is the Ozobot.  Your kids (and lets be honest, even the adults) will love this!  Plus it’s educational, and could foster an interest into some great scientific areas.  The concepts used with Ozobot are coding that will help children with technological careers as they get older.  If you have a techy kid this will for sure be the stocking stuffer of the year!  Ozobot retails for $59.99 and is available at www.ozobot.com or on Amazon below.


Don’t forget to check out these other awesome items!

Beau Bear– From Bratt Decor this teddy bear is so soft and cuddly.  The box it comes in is so fancy it’s almost a shame to open it!  Everything on their website is adorable. Retails for $39.00

12 Days of Christmas– personalized book by I See Me! This book is just as cute as every book they make.  Get your child’s name printed in the book, or put your family’s last name.  Retails for $34.99  Check out some of their other books- we’ve loved every book they’ve made!

Some really fun flying toys that your boys will love!  My 8 year old played with his Alien Invasion toy until it broke and he was so sad.  It is a really cool toy that lights up which makes it fun to play with at night, and easy to find too since they fly pretty high!  Of the 5 of these toys the Alien Invasion one was easily our favorite, but they’re all pretty cool.

·         Foam Flyer ($5.95) in yellow or blue, Ages 4+
·         Sky Scraper, $9.95, Ages 9+
·         Sky Blaster, $7.95, Ages 8+
·         Alien Invasion, $7.95, Ages 8+
·         Parachute, Ages $4.50, Ages 3+

Malia’s Beach House– Build & imagine construction sets engineered by girl power.  Magnetic panels that join together to create different structures. Ages 4+ Retails for $59.99

USA Rock & Roll Guitar by Vilac. Retails for $19.50 My kids love this little guitar!
Tubby Table– a bath toy that’s a table where 2 kids can play at the same time!  It also folds up easily.  Retails for $39.99

Baby Bum Brush– used to apply diaper cream to your baby without getting it on your hands.
(Perfect for dads or daycare centers) Retails for $6-7.99
See them on facebook: www.facebook.com/babybumbrush

Pack ‘n Potty– a child size toilet cover perfect for public bathrooms.  It also has pockets to keep other items you may need such as a change of clothes, wipes, hand sanitizer etc.  Retails for $39.99

Brightlings Family Dolls– customized dolls to look like your family. Retails from $49-$89

Clifford The Big Red Dog Water Science– water experiments to bring out the scientist in your child. for ages 3+  Retails for $19.99

Cliifford Magic Science– helps your child will uncover the real science behind magic. Ages 3+. Retails for $19.99

Logo Loops– cute embroidered headbands for girls.  You can even get them customized! Retails for $13.99

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