We may have a rooster!

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September 18, 2013
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We may have a rooster!

As our chickens are growing we’re starting to wonder if there’s a rooster among them!  As chicks you can’t tell if they are roosters or chickens until they get older and start to have physical and personality differences.  But already we have one that will perch itself on top of the water feeder and stay there most of the time.  So now comes our next debate….
Do we get rid of it if it is a rooster like many people do? Or do we keep it?

So far I’m not sure if keeping it will be that bad.  I have heard that chickens will lay more eggs if there is a rooster around.  But on the downside- we’ll have to make sure to gather the eggs every day, we don’t want an unexpected visitor when cracking open an egg to eat.

Then we also thought- maybe sometime next year we could stop gathering the eggs for a bit and let some chicks hatch keeping our chicken population sustaining itself.

I still have a little research to do- wondering if the rooster will be aggressive/mean when we go to get the eggs, or if he will be good to have around to protect the other chickens.

Any help, ideas, or suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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