Mystery Dinner

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September 26, 2010
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September 28, 2010
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Mystery Dinner

2am this morning is when we got back from our Vegas Mystery Dinner trip…..  A few months ago my director in Tupperware gave a sales challenge to everyone, and anyone who qualified she would take to a mystery dinner.  So myself along with my friend Mandee qualified and Sunday we drove down with our other friend and new director Danielle. 

It was a blast!!  After taking our dinner orders and sitting us down to eat the cast introduced themselves.  Meme was the hostess and she was a blond in every classifications blonde’s get.  It was painfully annoying sometimes how dumb she played.

Mandee and I figured out who the killer was going to be within the first 10 minutes!  However I was really surprised at 2 of the victims.

And the police officer!! OMG- men of his size should NEVER wear short shorts!!!  Mandee & Danielle pointed out to me half way through the show- there was part of a sock….? or SOMETHING white hanging out a little bit of one of the legs of his short shorts.  Not what I wanted to see while eating dinner.

All in all it was a fun trip! Girls trips like that are something every mom needs every month- or at least once every other month.  Laughing, staying up late BS’ing, and just walking around Las Vegas a little looking at the lights and weird street people.

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