My Story old

My parents had moved from the big city of Las Vegas to a small town in Utah with a population of about 300 at the time when I was a year old.  They owned a ranch, and when I say ranch- it wasn’t a full working-“farming is our life” type of ranch.  We had cows, horses, sheep, dogs, cats and the occasional odd pet such as a bird or rat.  Needless to say I grew up around animals and have always loved them. 

Growing up on the ranch and in a small town also gave me many irregular opportunities to do such things as archery, horseback riding, 4-wheeling, snowmobiling, gun shooting, driving a backhoe and tractor- and anything else that has a motor including learning to drive at age 10.
As if that wasn’t enough to expose me to many things- I was also blessed to have the worlds most talented mom!  She does everything from sewing, cooking, art, cake decorating, crafts, and is also an interior decorator.  Being exposed to all those talents encouraged me to learn about anything anyone was willing to teach me.  The more I learned and experienced, the more fun I had!
So that’s how I came to be who I am today- a mom who enjoys doing TONS of different things and loves to have projects to do.

Some of my experiences include: certified as a Rapid Eye Technician (emotional therapy), Life coach, EMT, Utah Domestic Violence Trainer, Utah Rape and Sexual Assault Trainer, High School Sign Language Teacher, Director’s Assistant for a Crisis Team Program, Graphic Designer, Office Manager, Project Coordinator, Event Coordinator, Stampin’ Up Demonstrator, Tupperware Consultant, Dog Trainer & Breeder, Sign Language Interpreter, Preschool Owner/Teacher, Public Speaker, Book Author, and I’m sure more!

I loved being a advocate for the local crisis team and helping victims.  Helping others is one of the things I love to do best.  I’ve written 2 books for moms (or adults)with the purpose of helping others be successful and prepared and 12 (so far) children’s books on growing up stages. (now available on Amazon see my store below) The first book is – “How to make money as a stay at home mom or housewife” and the second book “Little by little” teaches how to be prepared spiritually, physically, emotionally and financially for any situation that may happen.  As evidence of the second book I am very passionate about preparedness and food storage.

I have 6 beautiful children that keep me busy and fill my life with joy. I’m a single mom at the moment and so multi-tasking, balancing, and organizing skills are a must.

A couple of years ago I developed a school program called Raising Superheroes. It teaches students the difference between victims, villains, and heroes.  Once they have a clear definition of what each looks like they can better recognize which behaviors relate to each.  Of course we also show them how to be a hero! It has a curriculum as well as a school assembly presentation and it has been well received everywhere it’s been introduced.

I LOVE public speaking and presenting.  Motivational, spiritual, preparedness/food storage, advocacy, business, technology, family & kids, any topic- you name it!  If you’d like to schedule a time and day feel free to contact me.

So here I am, work at home mom, keeping myself busy and sharing with you!
Life is a great blessing! One that is full of great experiences!