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September 28, 2010
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September 29, 2010
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Mr Clean Magic Eraser

If you haven’t used these you need to try them!  They are awesome! They look like a cross between a white sponge, and a small piece of foam.  You simply get it wet, wring it out, then start scrubbing.

It’s great for getting crayon artwork off of counters, walls, cupboards, etc. Also great or scuff marks, and other stains as well.

They are relatively cheap- you can buy them in a 2 pack or a 4 pack.  When you’re done with them just rinse them out and use them again next time.  You use them until they get so small or shriveled up you can’t use them anymore- which for us is usually about 3-4 months (mostly because we use Clorox wipes for most everything)


  1. Ruthie J. says:

    I love those sponges! They're awesome.

    Following from Tuesday Blog Hop. Would love a follow back!

    Ruthie Joyce

  2. Songberries says:

    I'm a new follower! Will you follow me?

  3. Unknown says:

    Hi there! Cute blog! I am following you from Tuesday Follow. Please stop by my blog, thanks!

  4. Allison Stuart says:

    These are my favorite!! Good choice!

  5. Kelli says:

    Love Magic Erasers!
    So I know that you know about the doTerra essential oils, but did you know that the lemon oil on a paper towel kick the Magic Erasers butt?? I had serious fun the other day when I figured this out. I went around the house looking for every smudge and mark I could find 🙂 And my home was left smelling super yummy!

  6. JoDee Martin says:

    ohhhh I love that idea Kelli! We've used the lemon oil to disinfect the counters and they make it smell great- but I didn't know they take stains off too! awesome! thanks for sharing!

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