How to get stuff on Amazon for FREE or Cheap

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How to get stuff on Amazon for FREE or Cheap

Everyone loves a good deal! And FREE is even better right?!? What if I told you that you could get all sorts of stuff from Amazon for free or cheap? I’m not talking about the silly things that will sit on a shelf unused for years, but actual items that you use every day or have been wanting to get.  Headphones, makeup, baby items, household gadgets, supplements & vitamins, office supplies, etc.  Here’s how ANYONE can get these things free or discounted-

If you want to start getting Amazon products free or discounted here’s the first thing you need to do:

  • Get an Amazon account (if you don’t already have one) to get a basic amazon account in order to buy things it is completely free.  However, I highly recommend getting a Amazon Prime account.  It will save you a fortune in shipping costs alone.  It’s so worth it- it does charge for the entire year all at once and is about $90, but that’s less than what my Netflix costs over a year and Amazon Prime does so much more! With Amazon Prime you get:
        1. FREE 2 day shipping on tons of items on Amazon
        2. FREE Amazon Prime music- search your favorite songs and listen to them any time, create playlists etc. (so much better than Pandora)
        3. FREE Movies & TV shows- just like Netflix, the selection isn’t as big, but they have lots of shows that you can’t see anywhere else that my kids enjoy like: Blues clues, Backyardigans, Oomie Zoomie
        4. And discounts on monthly subscription items in Prime Pantry

Once you have a Amazon Prime account, you can start applying to be a part of reviewer groups.  Here are a couple that I would recommend starting out with:

Each group will have their own rules or procedures for reviews so you’ll want to make sure you follow those if you want to keep being able to review things in their group.  (most have low tolerance for people who don’t follow the rules and will ban you)
Typically, review groups will have you sign up for a product you’re interested in reviewing, if you are chosen to review it you will be given a promotional code that will make it free or a reduced price.  Then you purchase the item on Amazon with the code.  After it arrives you leave a review on Amazon.   
Important things to do and remember:
  • Don’t leave a review the same day you get the item, Amazon sometimes deletes those.
  • Make sure to leave a disclaimer at the bottom of your review that states something along the lines of “I received this product (free or at a discount) in exchange for my honest review”
  • Review products that you’ve already purchased through Amazon
Without that disclaimer Amazon will also delete your review, and if it happens enough maybe even suspend your account or the sellers account.
There’s also some things you can do to make sure you’re leaving high quality reviews and if you do enough high quality reviews you can get put on a elite Amazon reviewers list for even more stuff (typically higher end more expensive items)  If you join the My Honest Opinion Reviewers group they will teach you some of these tips to help you become a better reviewer.
That’s pretty much it!  It’s easy, and doesn’t take much time.  You can get lots of awesome stuff free or cheap!
Good luck.

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