How I got over $4,000 of Free Tupperware

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September 1, 2010
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How I got over $4,000 of Free Tupperware

So last March while I was at my first Tupperware party, I saw all the free stuff I could get as a consultant and just couldn’t pass it up!! First of all, when I signed up it was $120 for my kit that had over $500 worth of stuff in it.  My instant commission from parties is 25% so when I held my first party (they average $450) I had my money back from buying the kit. Then for the first 13 weeks after you sign up, each week you sell $450 or more you get a free gift- these are preset items that everyone gets their first 13 weeks each week they qualify.  On top of that, Tupperware is constantly offering a free item if you sell $450 in one week for everyone else.  So while in my first 13 weeks every time I sold $450 not only did I get the free gift from the star program (what your first 13 weeks are called) but I also got the free gift that the rest of the consultants got! These are just SOME of the bonuses and prizes.

Then, Tupperware will occasionally do promotions where hosts can get double host credit, or extra credit, and they almost always have host only specials.  So after getting enough orders in from family/friends I was able to put the orders in as parties with myself as the host- thereby getting all the free stuff myself!

The last time I totaled up the value of Tupperware I was able to get free was in June, and at that time it was over $4,000!  So from the end of March to June I got over $4,000 of FREE Tupperware, PLUS I got my commissions which because I also found a few friends to sign up and get free stuff too made my commissions around a couple thousand dollars.

Since signing up I have said to myself, my husband, and other people- “Where has Tupperware been all my life???”  I love it!
So if you want some nice Tupperware, a way to make some extra money, something to do and get you out of the house, or simply just like getting free stuff, you should sign up!  Right now they have a special where you can sign up for free! All you have to do is host a party of $450 or more and you can become a consultant free, and start earning your free stuff like I did!

Even if you live far away from friends/family you can still sell Tupperware through your online website, and you can do what’s called “Tupper Connect” which is basically an online party where the invitations are sent by email to people and they shop online, but the host gets the credit for whatever someone buys towards her party total.  A friend of mine set up a online party for one of her friends in the military and it ended up being over $750 party! All online!

Anyhow- just another great product I’ve found more recently and LOVE being able to help people get free stuff! So if you want more information check out my personal Tupperware website at:

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